Q. What do I get for completing traditions?
A. If you complete 60 of the 93 traditions listed on this site, you will receive a special cord at graduation and the title of “True Viking”. The 1964 Society will also congratulate you on our website and social media.

Q. How do I submit proof that I’ve completed a tradition?
A. When you are completing the tradition, be sure to take a photo as proof. As long as it is obvious that you are really completing the tradition, you will receive credit. Email your photo to along with your name, student ID, and which tradition you are completing.

Q. How do you keep track of how many traditions I’ve completed?
A. The 1964 Society has a spreadsheet in which they keep track of every students’ progress.

Q. Is there a deadline that the traditions must be completed by?
A. In order to be eligible for the special cord at graduation, you must submit all traditions by midterms week during the second semester of your senior year.

Q. How can I get involved with The 1964 Society?
A. Check out or email

Q. My question wasn’t listed here. Who can I contact?
A. For any questions regarding the Traditions Book, please contact Greg Jakubisin at For any questions regarding The 1964 Society, please contact Kathleen Piper at